The roots of the foundation of AREN date back to 1958 when Antonio Savoino, after graduating in Architecture at Politecnico di Torino, started his own business as designer and work supervisor in different areas of expertise, from the construction of new university research centres or headquarters offices for banks, to the restoration of monumental buildings.

Since 1965 his activity focused on the healthcare and welfare sector with the planning new buildings, refurbishment, widening of hospitals and university clinics.

The urgent need to create a more structured organization and an enterpreneural business in order to satisfy the increasing amount of requests by the national and internationalclients brought in 1978 to the establishment Protecne (Progettazioni tecniche nazionale ed estere), later called AREN (Architecture and Engineering).

Later on Eng. Davide Savoino took over the activity as President  and Managing Director of the firm, still assisted by his father, currently advisor in the Board of Directors.

During the last years Aren developed its activity providing more complex services in specialistic fields such as project management, engineering and integrated design; in themeantime Aren keeps providing the traditional services related to the building design and extended to the realization of infrastructures, transportation and plants necessary for the communities. The resolution of problems connected to the ecology of production and social systems, the role of advisor in the real estate and in the environmental sector, theadministration of public technical offices, etc. complete the list of services provided.